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Ipisis Litteris Project

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

I have always loved the idea of idioms. The way in which they communicate such a specific feeling while never been literal fascinates me. Idioms, at their most basic conception, sound like the purest antithesis to clear and precise communications. They are not about being precise with words, but with an idea.

When I started this project, I didn't realize how complex the idioms are - how much they can tell about a culture, a group, a country. I didn’t fully grasp how they transcend geography, generations, and even language itself. Idioms are, in a way, a secret dialect living between the formal language, masked with ironies, tragedy, and criticism.

I chose to work with collage for this project because I wanted to add to the idioms the language of art by appropriating images from magazines and books. I wanted to do this not only as a citation to artists I admire but also as an Easter egg for those familiar with the appropriated images, giving a clue to the meaning of the idiom.

For over six months now I have researched different expressions, testing my own knowledge and gaining a new perspective on different cultures. I have created over 60 works as of now. I’ve decided to share one of these works every day, here on my blog. This is day 1.

Day 1:

Arrastar as asas (Literally: "Dragging your wings to someone" Meaning: hit to someone)

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